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Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a significant positive impact on your child's development not only in their gymnastics career, but also as a human being. We are not only committed to helping each child become the best gymnast they can be, but also to helping them develop into a happy, healthy, and responsible individual.

Our Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy at the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club closely follows the cooperative-style of coaching. We believe that providing direction and instruction in an enjoyable environment come first, even before winning. Teaching gymnasts the proper and safe techniques for performance is our number one priority in coaching. We value the opinion of our gymnasts, and we will seek their input and ideas as much as possible while still retaining control of their learning environment. We are committed to motivating and educating ourselves on a continual basis so that we can motivate and educate our gymnasts.

Our History

The Town of Glastonbury Parks and Recreation Department began the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club over 40 years ago. The Glastonbury Gymnastics Club quickly established itself as an integral activity for the youth of Glastonbury . We are a family oriented environment that is committed to providing a fun and safe learning environment for your child.


Glastonbury Gymnastics Club

2143 Main Street

Glastonbury, CT 06033


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